Olympic Learning

Medaling with Common Core

Score with the Common Core

Hoping to score "GOLD" with the Common Core? Looking for a great coach who can help you train and take you all the way to the podium? Look no further! Your teacher librarian can serve you like an olympic coach and guide you with resources and tools. A teacher librarian coach will take your wonderful talents to the next level in the classroom.

Medal Worthy Events in the School Library

  • Aligning lessons with the CCSS and AASL
  • Research skills (keywords, evaluating sources, narrowing topics)
  • Learning to become a responsible digital citizen
  • Using technological, visual, & digital literacies to inquire, obtain, and share knowledge
  • Inquiry based research
  • Fostering a love of reading with quality books
  • Creating digital presentations with Prezi, Glogster, iMovie, Tellagami, and more
  • Analyzing text structures

How Can Your Librarian Help You Bring Home the Medals and Score with Common Core?

Librarians Can Be Coaches

Team members ultimately play the game, but a coach is a valuable source to help guide the players along the way. While the classroom teacher and students get the score (medal), librarians can play an intregal part in working with teachers to provide guidance in creating cross-disciplinary units, thinking of new ways to provide instruction, teaching literacy skills specific to other disciplines (science, social studies, and/or math), co-teaching units and/or skills, finding resources such as primary source documents for lessons, leading professional development workshops on CCSS lessons/ideas, and working with students on classroom assignments.

Librarians Have Resources

All winning teams need valuable resources such as equipment. Librarians can work with students and teach vital research skills with the use of computers and various reference resources. The library houses a wealth of information and resources for students to develop and foster information literacy including digital, technological, visual and textual literacies.
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Let's be the ultimate olympic team: librarians, teachers, administrators, students, parents, and community members!!

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