The Cries Heard Around the World

By: Aston McDonald and Dailen Happanen

The Social Effects of the Slave Trade

Africa took serious losses from the slave trade. Total population in Africa rose because of enriched diets, but in West African societies they lost many people. Because of the preference of male slaves it left a sexual imbalance with 2/3 of the population being women.

Political Effects of the Slave Trade

The slave trade brought unrest to African societies. The Africans fought much about many things but the slave trade caused conflicts that may have never occurred before. These conflicts escalated after they begin trading slaves for European firearms.

Plantation Systems

Plantations were powered by African slaves. These plantations produced cash crops, agricultural products that were in high demand, such as tobacco, sugar, rice, indigo, coffee, and most of all cotton. They all produced a crop that was in high demand and received profit production and exportation of commercial crops.


They could rebel against slaveholders, they could run away, or they could perform small, daily acts of resistance, such as slowing down work. By destroying tools and messing with the equipment.