What is drama?

By; EH-6


A drama is a story enacted onstage for a live audience. The origin of the word drama comes from the Greek verb "dran", which means, to do. The earliest written plays date back to around, fifth century BC.
The structure of a drama can be conflict, tragedy, comedy, modern comedy, or modern drama. The artists of the theater include the actors, directors, lighting technicians, and stage crew. In theaters, there are many different types of stages including, a thrust stage which is a rectangle stage with three sides of the audience watching, a round stage which has all sides around you with an audience watching, or a proscenium stage, which extends behind an opening called an a proscenium arch, with audience looking straight into the action. In Shakespeare's time, they used a thrust stage.
Scene design includes sets, lighting, costumes, and props. The lighting on stage during the play depends on the mood of the scene being preformed.
An audience is needed during a play so that the play can go on, of course. Things the audience is there for is for entertainment, to experience performance, understand the story, and respond to the characters. Obviously, an audience is needed so, now that you know about plays, go and sit in the audience and watch one! Maybe you could be in a play too.