Middle East news

By kaleb mook

in today's Egyptian news we will be talking about three very exciting facts and some news about Egypt.

Silt- small particles of rich soil

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Phosphate-minerals salt used in fertilizer

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Aquifer- under ground rock layer that water flows through

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Egypt's three main crops are ...

Egypt has three main crops they use to eat and you could do many other things with if you actually thought about it really hard but the three main crops are vegetables to keep you healthy, fruit to keep you healthy, and cotton for uses such as warmth if there was a lot of cotton and to make shirts and much more
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Iraq is where farming usually takes place
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Iraqs factories

most of iraqs factories process food
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Iraq rivers

There is rich soil by river bloods
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Saudi Arabia

Largest country in southwest Asia
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Saudi Arabia climate

Dry desert climate
Largest Sand Desert? 'Rub al Khali' (Saudi Arabia)

Saudi Arabia rain water is so times seasonal

Funny Rainwater drainage in Saudi Arabia