Travel Artifact

by Andrew Kirk

Value #1 Training

"I valued not just the physical training but the mental training as well"

The physical training was brutal but it helped me value training and determination.

My mental capacity to take pain went up dramatically.

And my fitness level rose as well.

J Robinson Intensive Wrestling Camps

Value #2 Hard-work

"I realized that everything else in life is easy because I went through the toughest training out there"

At the camp I was told that my definition of hard work was different than the instructors at J Rob. But when I left my definition of hard work would be the same.

Always give a 110% on everything you do even when nobody is looking.

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Value #3 Passion

" It exposed who were the boys and who were the men"

I have a passion for the sport wrestling and it became fiercer after going through this program

I have a passion for my skills and training through wrestling

I wouldn't give my passion towards wrestling to anything else

Hall Of Fame - The Script feat. (Lyrics)