Ultrasound Technologist

Caitlin Hassler

The Work!

When you're an Ultrasound Technologist you get lots of amazing jobs like, examining blood, organs and tissues. But, I think the best part is when you get to help to-be-mothers look at their fetuses.
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The Environment and Who you Work With

The environment of an Ultrasound Technologist is inside of clinics and hospitals. You are working with lots of different people every day.

Head or Hands?

When you're doing the job, you would be using both your head and hands! You would be using your hands while using the machine and you would be using your head while figuring if everything is going a-ok in the body.

The Hours, and the Money.

The the hours that would be worked would be a full time schedule. On average I would make $56,790 annually!
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Schooling and Qualities

In college, I would need to get an associate degree and 12-18 months of ultrasound program with a certification. I would need friendly, open and kind qualities with this job because I would be meeting so many different people and situations.

Do I want to supervise and How do I know I would be able to do this?

I wouldn't want to supervise people and big situations, but I know I could handle this career because I love science and lots of things that have to do with the medical field.