Myers Minute

Growing, learning, and having fun!

Global Read Aloud

We had a fantastic time chatting with Laura Dron all the way from London, England last week. She answered all of our questions about the book and being an author. Students enjoyed talking with her and her accent! This week we are going to be looking at some ways we can help the refugee children. Laura Dron said that she writes her books to encourage people to "do something" so we are looking for our something:)

Midterms- Today!

Your child's midterm is in their blue folder. Please review your child's grades and sign the bottom portion. If you have any questions or comments, please let me know. Thank you!


Mrs. Gulley came in on Tuesday and did an awesome lesson with the students on finding harmony. She focused on working together, including everyone, and having nice discussions. Ask your child about getting the "egg" to its nest and what we learned from Mrs. Gulley.