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Both the Norton Elementary and the Norton Training Page have a new look! The look matches the school's website!

eCLASS Instructional Specialist

Laura Girard would love to come and work with you or your class. You can contact her directly or let Jennifer know and she will be happy to help.
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Veteran's Day

Veteran's Day is November 11th. In addition to writing letters for The Bert Show’s Big Thank You, your students can write a letter to a Veteran in our area. Allison will be collecting them in a box in the media center. She will deliver the letters or drawings to the Veteran's Hospital on Clairmont Road in Decatur on Monday, November 9th. She has a DVD you can borrow, if you want to share some information about Veterans with your class. There is also information on Pebble Go (in the Social Studies database/Holidays/Veteran's Day) you can share with your students. As always, you are welcome to come to the media center to listen to the information and do a mini lesson with Allison.

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Directions for accessing ebooks coming soon! Allison or Debbie will be glad to show you all the ways you can access an ebook for instruction as well. There are a lot of books available for you to use, especially in the area of social studies, science, and math.

Thank YOU!

Thanks for your support of the Book Fair! We had a great fair and appreciate you being flexible with your schedule during the event. The money raised will help us purchase books, laminating, DVD’s, AR tests, as well as other reading incentives this school year.

Accelerated Reader

Some reports you might find useful in Accelerated Reader (don’t forget Allison will be glad to run a monthly report for you, if you let her know):
Under the Accelerated Reader Tab- Choose Reports---Reading Practice----- Please ask Allison if you need help with this. If you look at all the options under the specific reports you will be able to see a snapshot or detailed record of the books your students have taken quizzes on, as well as an average book level and the percentage of tests passed. The Quiz Takers Report allows you to see what students scored on a specific book you have read as a class.