Be a TSE Cougar Coach for Kids!

We need men and women who can volunteer to help our kids.

How can I help?

Our young Tamassee-Salem Elementary "Cougars" need help to grow as much as possible during this school year. Thirty minutes a week can make a big difference in their academic growth. Having an adult that can work one-on-one with a child is a tremendous help. If you chose to be a "coach" for our students, we would assign a child(ren) to you. You would help them with simple repetitive tasks to practice needed skills. These tasks might include reviewing the alphabet, going over simple words to memorize, counting to ten to learn their numbers as well as listening to a child read out loud. Your time is the most valuable gift you can give a child. We hope you will consider being a Coach to one of our Cougar kids.

Contact information:

You may contact Cindy Bailey for assistance in volunteering at She has a schedule of times and grade levels who would like to have a Reading or Math Cougar Coach. You may also contact Terri Corbett at 886 - 4540 or email at to volunteer. We are so appreciative of any assistance you are able to provide.