The Weekly Surge

December 8, 2015

Holidays Are In Full Swing All Around

Hello Everyone! Your poll answers to the first Holiday Poll: Decorations are listed below. Thank you to all that contributed!

The Austin Team's December plans are in full swing. Any Baby Can Wish List kicked off yesterday and goes through Dec. 18th. The Alamo Draft House Christmas gathering will be on Thursday, Dec. 10th. Eating burgers and having fun at the movies is the plan! Dec. 11th will be the Birthday/Anniversary gathering in conjunction with Ugly Sweater Day!

The Elgin Team has plenty going on in December as well. The Food For Greater Elgin food drive started last Friday. Be sure to bring your bag with food back to the office before this Friday, Dec. 11th! Elgin's Ugly Sweater Day and Christmas Lunch will both be on Monday, Dec. 14th. Portillo's is on the menu for everyone! Plus, the company Christmas tree is finally decorated. More photos can be seen at the TRP/HBA Water Cooler.

Last, but not least... don't forget to send us your holiday decoration photos! Trees, houses, yards, or whatever else you proudly show off during the holidays!

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Holiday Poll Questions for 12-1-15 - RESULTS

Thanks to all who contributed to this poll. Here's your totals:

#1 – It's Dec. 1st, are you listening to Christmas/Holiday Music yet?
83% - Yes

17% - No

#2 – What kind of Christmas Tree do you prefer?
47% - Real

47% - Fake

6% - None

#3 – What kind of Christmas Lights do you like?
33% - White

47% - Color (single or multi)

14% - Both

6% - None

#4 – When Do You Take Down Your Tree and/or Lights?
7% - Day After Christmas

90% - After New Year’s Day

3% - "Never - 'Cuz I'm rocking those badboys all year long!"

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Where's the Pickle?

It seems the tradition of hiding a pickle ornament on a Christmas tree is actually a modern one. The first child to spot the pickle on Christmas morning will receive an extra gift. If an adult is the first, good luck will follow in the New Year. Supposedly it originated in Germany, but few Germans have any knowledge of a Christmas pickle. Some sources state that during the 1880s Woolworth stores sold glass ornaments shaped like fruits and vegetables. Among them was a green warty pickle. Perhaps the custom started then. Regardless, it is now an enjoyable tradition celebrated in America.

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Employee Spotlight For This Week

This week our employee spotlight turns to Scott Ortiz in Elgin, IL.

Here's what he tells us about himself:

My Role: I help our sales team to get solutions for our customers. This means answering technical questions about what we can offer as well managing development projects for new products. Spotting market trends and turning that into product plans.

Job Likes: My coworkers are great and make all the difference when tough challenges come up. Also that my job is part marketing, part engineering and, of course, part lighting. What’s not to like?

Outside Work: Volunteer work. I have been involved with Boys Scouts of America for the past 10 years. The last 3 years as Scoutmaster of my son’s Troop. Camping, hiking and being outdoors.

Length of Employment: One year and 4 months.

Favorite Food(s): Pizza

Vanilla or Chocolate: All of the above. Why limit yourself?

If You Could Be A Superhero, What Super Powers Would You Want To Have:

To instantly create things just by imagining them.
Describe Yourself In Three words: dependable, helpful, creative

Thank you Scott, for all that you do to support the efforts of the Hubbell Lighting Components Business Team!

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Don't Forget About Joining The TRP/HBA Water Cooler On Facebook

We've got more pics to share! Please join our Private Group the TRP/HBA Water Cooler. No one outside the group can see what's shared there, it's just for us. All Elgin and Austin TRP and HBA employees are invited. Click the link to join, and our MarCom team will admit you!
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