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July 2014 Newsletter - Team Lawton Generations 1 & 2

Lazy Days of Summer ...

Hello Ladies!

First of all I'm sorry I'm so late with this newsletter - stats are from the month of June 2014! As you can see I have a new format I'm trying out and think I'll use going forward as I can include more info. I normally only send Newsletters to my Gen 0 as you should be receiving a Newsletter each month from your upline Director, however sometimes it's fun to see where everyone is at! My Gen 0 have received their own "Gen 0" Newsletter so their stats are not included in this Newsletter.

I hope you're all enjoying the summer and taking some time to slow down a bit with family and friends! Being in different circles and out and about more, make sure you're using your favourite Thirty-One products wherever you go and carry a few catalogues and minis with you at all times. The new contacts you make during the summer months may become your customers, hostesses, and team members in the Fall. You can work your business in a different way over the summer and still gain momentum for the Fall 2014 season which promises to be very exciting!

For those of you who attended Conference 2014 in Niagara Falls, I hope you had a great time and got some ideas for your businesses! If you weren't able to make it this year, plan to join us next year in OHIO! I'm sure we'll hear more details soon but it will be a great opportunity for all of us to be included with the American Consultants and to learn from them. They have great speakers there that I'm looking forward to hearing. I have some info from Conference that I'll be sharing in our Team Facebook group so if you aren't in the group please feel free to join it at

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me by email to



Wendy Lawton

Independent Senior Director

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Celebrate Our Stats for June 2014

Team Lawton Stats as of June 30, 2014 ...


Sales: $40,528

New Recruits: 19

Members: 81

Parties: 82

Personal Volume

$1000 +

Holli Oldham $3832

Renee Rogers $3746

Jennifer Lundy $3625

Sara Adams $2495

Amberlea Bainbridge $1668

Caitlin Gervais $1634

Amy Bainbridge $1050

Shannon McFadden $1048

Lisa Hazen $1008

$500 +

Randi Mayor $785

Melissa Willis $707

Jennifer LeLievre $697

Crystal Keefer $614



Caitlin Gervais - 6

Sara Adams - 3

Amy Bainbridge - 1

Erin Clow - 1

Holli Oldham - 1

Michelle Bidwell - 1

Crystal Keefer - 1

Christine Forbes - 1


Featured Consultants

Tops in Sales - Holli Oldham

The monthly special was just so good that I had 3 Facebook and 2 home parties booked before the month even began! Then I had an impromtu product showing turn into a party order and an unexpected customer order.

I just try and promote the Monthly Specials on my Facebook Group and at Home Parties; if it is of interest I let them know how parties can benefit them!

Dreambuilder - Caitlin Gervais

The thing I love about Thirty-One opportunity, that sets it apart from many other direct selling opportunities, is that potential recruits are COMFORTABLE with the opportunity. Thirty-One doesn't want anyone to be afraid to give it a try, so they don't impose sales minimums or a set number of booked parties before someone can sign up. There are absolutely NO risks involved. You can try it, if it doesn't fit in with your life right now, that's okay, the worst that can happen is that you can continue to enjoy your boat load of beautifully coordinated Thirty-One products and you are welcome to try again later at any time!

Secondly, I talked about it every chance I got. When Thirty-One came up in conversation, I tried to find a way to work the opportunity into the conversation. I also promoted it in my closed Facebook group. At parties, I had my customers help me build the kit in a big pile on the floor with all the items off my table that were in the kit. They were amazed to see what a $99 investment would get them. It's much more impacting to see those items in real life rather than the just the small picture on the flyer.

And for $99, who can go wrong!? With it being a limited time, for those who were on the fence, it made the decision to jump in now, even easier. Like my director, Sarah Adams mentioned: potentially, a new recruit could order their kit, host their launch party, and with even $400 in sales (less than the average party), have the commission in their bank account to pay off their initial investment before their credit card bill even comes due! I loved that scenario. And Proverbs 31:16 really struck home with a lot of us on her team: "She considers a field and buys it, with the fruit of her hands, she plants a vineyard." THIS, is what it's all about! We are INVESTING. Investing in our families, our future, our dreams, whatever they may be, Thirty-One can help us fulfill them!


Here's Sara's take on what she did in June that contributed to her success ...

1. I know that Thirty-One is an amazing opportunity and I believe every person I meet should get to decide if Thirty-One is something that would be amazing for them too. So it's all about perspective and attitude.

2. Share the opportunity consistently. Several of our new team members are people who had the seed planted months ago.

3. Contacting people through my Facebook group but also individually and personally through email, text or phone.

Director's Corner

Wendy Lawton, Senior Director

Feel free to contact me by email with any questions or concerns, if you'd like extra support with your business, or to schedule a date and time to chat on the phone!

Can you beat your Director?


Personal Volume: $4062

New Team Members: 2

Parties: 5

Who is Thirty One?