It's All About The Processes!!!

Connecting Literacy & Mathematics- Exploring Math Processes

The Curriculum In Ontario

In Ontario our mathematics instruction begins with the curriculum. The Ontario Math Curriculum for Grades 1-8 says:

Presented at the start of every grade outlined in this curriculum document is a set of seven expectations that describe the mathematical processes students need to learn and apply as they work to achieve the expectations outlined within the five strands. The need to highlight these process expectations arose from the recognition that students should be actively engaged in applying these processes throughout the program, rather than in connection with particular strands.

The mathematical processes that support effective learning in mathematics are as follows: • problem solving
• reasoning and proving
• reflecting

• selecting tools and computational strategies • connecting
• representing
• communicating

Mathemaitcs and Literacy - Making The Connection!

Connecting Literacy and Mathematics

There are many benefits to linking math and literacy. We have spent a great deal of time in education in Ontario develop our ability to teach literacy. We have students engaged in a variety of activities, we use reading strategies to give students skills they need to tackle difficult words and engage them in activities to strengthen their abilities.

In math when we use literacy teaching strategies and when she use literacy resources we help students build stronger conceptual knowledge, we help them make connection to math in different ways and we help them see math in the world around them. Literacy and math connections support students development of background knowledge and help them relate to mathematical learning in different and hopefully meaningful ways.

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It's All About The Students!!!

Pause and Reflect! If we are discussing processes, literacy or numeracy remember our focus. Student achievement and student engagement. Remember how attitudes in student learning are significant to our teaching and learning experiences. Be sure that which ever area of the curriculum you are focused on, whichever area of student learning you are engaged in that student achievement and student success are at the heart of our work.