Poetry Project

I Wish

I Wish

I Wish I had a new canon camera

I wish I had an unlimited itunes card

I wish I had a mansion on the beach

I wish I had talked to my dad one last time

I wish I had been more confident in myself

I wish I had a flat stomach

I wish I had gel-like nail polish

Balad poem

My dad

This happened years ago,

In a city named Austin, Tx

I lived in a house with my mom & dad,

there names were JR & Michelle ;

They had lots of love together,

but maybe not enough.

I was child who live in a house with

my parent and sister, but then,

my mother and my father

broke up.

I was switched place to place,

and got to see both side of the family,

but then something happened,

which would mean I wouldn't switch places,


My mom got a call from the police,

saying that my dad was going to die,

from a shooting from a party he was at,

I was only 6; to understand the loss,

But what really hurt the most,

is that i didn't even know him.

Free verse


The color of roses, hearts,and love,

like the color of blood.

But to me its mostly about

The love you share with someone.

When you love someone

all you can think about is hearts everywhere,

But if you were to ask someone,

what color they would express when they see you?

I think they would say red.