Compost Bin Project

Volunteer Opportunity. Get Involved!


Take the back door in the CHS library. The compost bin will be located the the right side of the exit.

Why Maintain the Compost Bin?

Turning compost regularly allows the process of making it go faster. Additionally, turning the compost reheats the pile which allows it to remain in an aerobic state.This compost will be used to maintain a garden in the future at CHS and will be used to sell at the Coppell Farmers Market.

Instructions of How to Turn the Compost

1. You will first pick up the garden fork that is located right next to the compost bin. Then, you will use the shovel to turn the inner part of the soil out to the sides of the bin and turn the outter parts of the compost into the center. This needs to be repeated until all the soil is mixed together.

2. Now, you will get water to moisten the dry parts of the compost. This should be done until there are no more dry areas of the soil visible.

3. Break up clumps of compost that you see with the garden fork or shovel.

4. Wash of the garden fork

5. Set the garden fork next to the compost bin.

This process should only take about 10-15 minutes.