Cyber Bullying

Preventing Cyber Bullying

From my point of view:

Hi my name is Ash and i'm am here to educate you on cyber bullying. What is Cyber Bullying? Cyber Bullying is a way to bully someone through technology typically by sending rude messages in a intimidating way. A person may think they are having a normal conversation with someone without even know that they are getting cyber bullied until their conversation is made public. This bully could be a young boy or girl or even a older person who you may not even know. They could act like an individuals crush or sometimes even their worst enemy. Telling them to die because they ugly or saying other obnoxious things to provoke them to commit suicide. So my message to all of you is to be careful with who you communicate with online and if you ever think something is wrong go to a supervisor or parent guardian and ask for help. Remember Cyber bullies are only strong on the other side of their computer not in front of you never be afraid or back down get help.
Stop Cyberbullying