Mrs. Harris' Class News

December Edition

Class Christmas Party

We will be having our class Christmas party Wednesday, December 21st. During our party we will be making instagrahams. Each students will be given a whole graham cracker to decorate with a variety of toppings. If you are able to send in white tubs of frosting or bags of candy, such as dots, jelly beans, peppermints, or other small candies, with your child it would be much appreciated.

Upcoming Events

December 20th: 4th, 5th, 6th Grade Winter Celebration Concert at 6:00

December 21st: School Sing-A-Long, Class Christmas Party, Ugly Sweater Day

January 4th: School resumes from break

Current Units

Units of Study: This week we have begun our Landforms unit that will lead us into our Regions of the United States unit. During this unit the students will work collaboratively to research about a particular landform in which they will teach their peers. Next week the students will begin creating their own island that contains various landforms. The students will use Google Drawings to create a blue print of their island and then they will create a model of their island the week before Christmas break. These projects will all be done at school.

* If you have any old newspapers you could send in for our island model project it would be much appreciated.

Math: We currently are working on Rates, Ratios, and Proportions, as well as a unit of measurement. We will explore the ides of using the metric and customary systems to find length, weight, and capacity. After this unit we will begin to work with integers.

Happy Holidays!

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