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The government is like America it is a federal republic. It is in national debt and has many migrant workers., also has a booming population. The geography of Mexico is that there are rivers mountains and hills. The climate is that there are many climates like cool winters and hot summers.

west indies

west indies and central america

On my trip to the west indies I learned that .

the people of the west indies like baseball, soccer, cricket. 90% live and work in the city. Like music. The geography is tropical climate, jungles volcanoes, archipelago, islands, hot seasons. Government is federal republic. Economy is based off mining, farming. The farmers farm sugarcane.

the people of central America like futbol(soccer).the geography and climate is hot, tropical, isthmus, rugged land, deserts. The government is federal republic. the economy is based off farming, and forestry. Substancefarmers only grow enough to feed their family's. The history of central America is that they were once owned by Spain and later won independence.

south america

in south America I went to numerous countries like Colombia all the way

to Venezuela.

andes countries

Government of Colombia is republic. They speak Spanish. Colombia was Named after Christopher Columbus. Colombia's geography is full of jungles and mountains. Located between latitudes 4° south and 12° north, and between 67° and 79° longitude west.

Peru's geography includes mountains, jungles. The government of Peru is a democracy. they speak Spanish.

Ecuador's geography includes mountains, deserts. The government is a republic.

Bolivia's government is a republic. The geography includes rain forest, grasslands, and mountains.

Chile's government is a republic. The geography has mountains, deserts, and hills. Very long country.

brazil and others

the geography of brazil incudes the Brazilian Highlands, in the south and the Amazon River Basin in the north. the government is a republic.

Argentina's government is a republic. the geography includes beaches and jungles. The economy for Argentina has made it wealthy.

Uruguay's government is republic. The country is comparable to Oklahoma. The country consists of a low, rolling plain in the south and a low plateau in the north. It is a free market economy.

The government of Paraguay is a republic. the geography has grasslands and rivers. The economy is based off farming.

Venezuela's government is a republic. The geography includes rivers, mountains, and forest. The economy is based off petroleum

Guyana's government is a republic.