Welcome to the life of Leah Patterson

Weekend Fun!

This weekend I got invited on Saturday to go to my friends house for the first time! But before that was Friday and on Friday I was also invited to my neighbors house for a sleepover. It was really fun because i got to introduce them to my favorite movie! The Fault In Our Stars! On Saturday morning we went to my house and ate breakfast. Then we went downstairs and Lillie taught me how ride a rip-stick! I got pretty good at it if i do say so myself! Later that day it was just me and my mom and we went to olive garden together. After that my mom dropped me off at my friends house.

Game on!

I have softball games on Mondays and Wednesday. I have been playing softball for about 9 years since I have started T-ball. My primary positions in the field are Pitcher, 3 Base, and Right Field. Id have to say that it is my favorite sport to play!


I am the kind of person who likes to read books about love life and dramatic stuff. One of my all time favorites is The Fault In Our Stars. Its about a girl with a type of cancer that effects her lungs so she has an oxygen tube. Her parents always take her to a youth group where other cancer kids go. One day she on on her way to the group and she bumps into Augustus Waters who is lost his leg to cancer but if now clean. He is also a friend of Issac who has cancer that effects his eyes and goes to the group regularly. Augustus and Hazel soon fall in love but Hazel tries to keep her distance because she says that when she dies she doesn't want to hurt anyone, but that doesn't stop Augustus from keeping his distance. Hazel shares her favorite book with Augustus and he too loves the book. It has been a dream of Hazels to meet the author but she used her last dying wish when she was 13 and went to Disney World. Thankfully Augustus saved his...


If I could take my family anywhere it would have to be somewhere tropical like Jamaica. but we wouldn't travel in just any ordinary plane, we would fly in a first class private jet. When we land in Jamaica we wouldn't stay in a regular hotel, we would stay in an on suite resort.


One of my favorite hobbies is doing photography. I mostly do nature kinds of photography which is where I take photos of flowers and other things you would find outside. I take photos on my phone for now, but I am saving up to by my own professional camera like a Cannon. I would say that I am pretty good at photography and I just love to share my work with other people!

Camping at its Finest

Usually for me there's not a lot of things to do when my family goes camping. If there is a poor I like to go and swim, and some of my favorite campgrounds have jumping pillows that is basically a giant trampoline. If there aren't any swimming pools or trampolines, I like to ride my bike and take hikes. I rarely ever go fishing with my brothers but when I do, I catch leaves. At the end of the night I like to start the fire and make s'mores.