Arthropod Flyer

By: Trinity Mitchell

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Scientific Name

The scientific name for a black widow is Latrodectus or a genus of spiders in the big spider family. In Greek Latrodectus means "biting in secret."

Common names

A common name for this spider is Black Widow spider. Some call it a Southern Black Widow also though.

Normal Habitat

The biome habitat of a Black Widow is in the Southern United States. The geographical type of habitat is anywhere a lot of grapes grow and in temperate regions around the world.

Body Shape and Description

Black Widows have a red shaped hourglass on the top of it with a shiny black body. They will grow up to between 8-10 mm, and have an asymmetry body.

Feeding Habitats

Black Widows are carnivores, and eat a variety of food. They mostly eat insects like mosquitoes, grasshoppers, and beetles. They sometimes eat mice, lizards, and snakes that get caught in the web.

Life Cycle

When the female lays her eggs they come in a thing called an egg sac. They often look just like their parents except much lighter. After the baby spiders hatch they will leave the nest by crawling ob a thin strip of silk. Then it will take about 3 and 10 months for the baby spider to mature into a adult spider.