Annual Report 2016-17

Clover Middle School Library Media Center

At a Glance:

Print items in collection: 14,708
Number of e-books in collection: 130
Number of audiobooks (playaways): 70 (Lost 10 this year)
Books per student: 18 (S.C. Standards recommend 15)
Average Age of Collection: 2006

Highlights of 2016-17:

  • Increased print, audio, and electronic book circulations
  • Hosted two successful Scholastic Book Fairs, which generated $1,541.72 in profits to be used in the media center (same amount as last year)
  • Established and organized a new school library media center as a flexible, comfortable, multi-use learning space (see photos below)

August 2016

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September 2016

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October 2016

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November 2016

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We circulated almost 5,000 more books this year!

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E-Book Circulations:

  • When surveyed, students consistently say they prefer print books over e-books.
  • We currently have 130 e-books in our collection.
  • Surprisingly, our e-book usage increased significantly this year! Last year, we circulated 238 e-books, and this year we circulated 649!

2016-17 School Year

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2015-16 School Year

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Circulations by Genre:

  • Humor remains the most popular genre (due largely to Diary of a Wimpy Kid books), followed by fantasy and realistic fiction.
  • We saw a significant circulation increase in sports, romance, and paranormal books this year.
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Media Center Visits:

  • We served 828 classes this year, which is 68 more classes than last year.
  • 4-5 classes visit the media center each day, mostly for book checkouts.
  • We operate on a partially flexible schedule, as ELA classes visit the media center bi-weekly on the same days. Other teachers sign up for research or the use of the media center as needed.
  • On an average day, 250 individual “walk-in” students visit the media center for printing, book checkouts/returns, reading, taking tests, project work, etc. Many students also enjoy the media center as a quiet place to rest and relax before school and during lunch.
  • Eagle Pride (before school) remains a popular time for students to use the media center. We normally have around 40 students each morning to read, check out books, study, or take AR quizzes.
  • 10-13 students participated in the Makerspace before school and during each lunch. In other words, the Makerspace stayed full of students!
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Makerspace Project Photos:

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Accelerated Reader

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Word count continues to increase each year! Great work!

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500K Word Count Celebrations

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Goals for 2017-18:

  • Purchase digital audiobooks to replace our aging playaway collection
  • Collaborate more with teachers to offer assistance with research and projects

  • Address negative issues occurring in our makerspace (theft, noise, disrespecting other students' projects)

  • Increase the number of books in our fiction collection
  • Update the nonfiction collection by purchasing more relevant, current, and high-interest books (46% of our collection is aged; 18% is 2012 or newer)
  • Decrease average age of collection by one year
  • Develop a collection map, which gives a visual representation of how the library resource collection is aligned with the school's curriculum
  • Form a student advisory group

  • Continue promoting reading and increasing circulation
  • Artwork for media center walls

CMS Library Media Center

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Carmen Boheler, Media Specialist

Marie Millen, Media Assistant