Peter the Great

Reign As Emperor


  • Peter the Great was a very inquisitive young boy.
  • He was interested in western culture even when he was young.
  • As he grew older, he forced Russia to assimilate to their culture.
  • He occasionally had to do this in a forceful and brutal manner.


  • He expanded on Russia's territory.
  • He secured ports on the Baltic Sea.
  • He improved the Russian army.
  • He ended the period of isolation.
  • He modernized Russia.


  • His desire for Russia to westernize caused him to impose many policies.
  • For one, he coaxed men and women to interact in public.
  • He took up mercantilist policies.
  • Nobles had service to the state.
  • He encouraged noble to westernize their clothing.


  • Peter the great was 10 years old when he took the throne in 1682, and 17 when he took control of the government in 1689.
  • In 1703, Peter the Great ordered the building of St. Petersburg.
  • Peter the Great was able to restore multiple European ships at only sixteen years old.
  • Peter the Great used to fear and brute force to enforce his policies.