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May 23, 2018

District Mean RIT Scores For MAP test

Students took the MAP test this Fall and Spring. Individual results for students were sent home last week, but we now have access to our district mean scores as compared to the national averages. As you know, these were not part of their MAP individual student reports.
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Field Day is June 4th

Colors for Field Day:

6th– Light Blue

7th– Gray

8th – Royal Blue

Language Arts - Mrs. Kendra Whinnery

6th: As we finish up A Wrinkle in Time, students’ final projects are starting to take shape. Each 6th grader has selected two options. Choices included finding and illustrating various literary elements, creating an illustrated story plot outline, crafting a descriptive essay, creating a graphic novel, and reporting on famous heroes. Students will have a few in-class work days, and all projects are due on June 1.

7th: I absolutely loved listening to students present their planets and read aloud their original chapters related to The Little Prince! They showed great creativity and wisdom in their designs and lessons learned. In the coming days, we’ll sharpen up some grammar skills, review various types of figurative language, and work with some nonfiction paired readings. We’ll be joining the 5th graders for Pet Day on Friday, May 25 from 1:45-2:30, so feel free to come visit us on the playground for some furry/feathered/gilled/scaled fun!

8th: The 8th graders are hard at work on their choice projects and growth mindset activities this week. We’re also completing some paired readings from the readworks.org site. As the year comes to an end, we’re also gearing up for graduation! We’ll have a practice at church on Friday, June 1 during language arts time to run through the procession, seating order, and expectations for the graduation Mass. We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday, June 5 for the big day!

Science - Mrs. Sarah Schwab

6th grade has been working on Newtons Laws of motion. Students were able to demonstrate Newton's first and second laws in lab this week. We are ending the week with Newton's 3rd law by completing a balloon rocket lab, always a favorite of students.

7th grade is studying the digestive system and was able to do do a 2 day dissection of a frog this week to study the organs of the digestive system. Students really enjoyed the lab as did I. We are finishing off our unit of the digestive system by creating a Travel Brochure/Book of the digestive system.

8th grade finished up the study of volcanoes and earthquakes with a unit test. They are now focused solely on the musical stairs project, so we can get it completed. They are doing a great job of problem solving, especially when it comes to the coding of the stairs - by trail and error. It is great to see the Engineer Design Process in full force.

7th grade Science - dissection

8th grade Science - Musical Stairs Project

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Math - Mrs. Katy Kieffer

6th Grade:

We wrapped up our probability unit with a test and are now spending the rest of our time on end of year math Olympics. Today, the students spent a few minutes to create their countries and countries' flag before beginning their first event, the relay, where they worked in teams to answer as many algebraic expressions questions as possible. We will continue into the next few days with another relay, a couple sprints, a marathon, and hurdles!

7th Grade:

7th grade is wrapping up their year with probability and statistics. The other day, we created our own 10 player Twins baseball team and looked at how using the arithmetic mean might not the best indicator of the average salaries on the team because of Joe Mauer's $23 million contract. We will continue with probability and graphing as the year closes.

8th Grade:

8th graders have been great sports in pushing through factoring in all sorts of ways, with the difference between squares, perfect square polynomials, greatest common factor, etc. We will wrap up the year with some basic work with quadratic functions.

Social Studies- Ms. Kate Heintzelman

6th Grade:

We have completed our discovery of Ancient Civilizations. In the last couple of weeks we will be looking at early MN history. The kids have already learned about the Dakota people, and will learn about the Objiwe and Fur Trade next week.

The students have a Map Final this Friday to study for, they have both completed and blank maps. As well as, access to a quizlet to help them prepare.

7th Grade:

The students will be finishing up our study on WWII this week and moving onto post WWII America.We have talked about the main players in the war. The different "theaters" the war encompassed. We have talked about the effects of the war, and will go into the Holocaust and how something like that could have happened. We will then briefly discuss the Korean War, Vietnam War, and the Civil Rights Movement. The students have a Map Final this Friday to study for, they have both completed and blank maps. As well as, access to a quizlet to help them prepare.

8th Grade:

We are in the midst of finishing our students selected unit on Russia. The students wrote papers on either a significant leader in Russian history, or Stalin v Hitler. We discussed what Russia looked like under USSR control. We are in the middle of talking about what Russia looks like today. We talked about the Black Dolphin Prison, and the KGB. We will move onto Vladimir Putin and nuclear weapons.

The students have a Map Final this Friday to study for, they have both completed and blank maps. As well as, access to a quizlet to help them prepare.

Spanish - Ms. Hanna Brown

8th grade: Last week, students finished their “selfie proyectos.” Students had to make emoji posters of themselves and express their emotions in the picture using the correct form of ser or estar. We have began to learn medical vocabulary through a variety of activities. Also, we have began learning about Direct Object pronouns this week. This is will be the last thing we learn before the final quarter test. Next week we will review for our final test which will be on Thursday, May 31st.

7th grade: We wrapped up their restaurant projects. Students designed a menu in spanish and had to use that menu to create a skit for ordering at a restaurant. We have learned the vocabulary for how to order at a restaurant. For this project, students applied it to their skit that they put on in front of the class. They did a wonderful job! This week we are learning common ER/IR verbs and will wrap that up on Friday. Next week, we will review for their final quarter test that will be on Thursday, May 31st.

6th grade: We wrapped up vocabulary on “los deportes” (sports) this week with presentations on their favorite sport/team - presented all in Spanish. It was great to see what interested them! We are reviewing some common AR verbs this week and reviewing subject pronouns as well. Next week, we will review for the final quarter test that will be on Thursday, May 31st.

Music - Mrs. Alisa Rogers

Art - Mrs. Ashley Moe

6th grade has been comparing the work of sculptor William Edmondson to prehistoric and modern art, especially that of Barbara Hepworth. With the surprise material of soap, students are carving abstract designs and animals while freshening up the room!

7th grade viewed artists who distort proportions to create unusual self portraits. Looking at established artists of the past and contemporary toy design, they're finishing up character self portraits with traits as unique as they are!

8th grade finished designing, sculpting, and painting faux pottery inspired by ancient Greece. As our final project, they will be textile printing using hand carved rubber blocks! Be sure to send your student to school with any fabric you'd like spiffed up with a new design.

Religion - Mrs. Katy Kieffer

6th-8th Grades:

All of the classes have been working through our personal safety curriculum and will also complete a couple of days of Family Life before the close of the year.

Physical Education - Mr. Thomas Gorilla

This week the kids have been introduced to a variety of activities. Following our warm up, the kids separate into two teams and play “Rock Paper Scissors.” At first, they didn’t seem too enthused, but as the music started, and intensity increased, they were all in. Outside of that, we have been bringing a lot of the concepts we have gone over each week into handball. Outside of doing push ups, squats, core that we incorporate into other games at times, handball brings it all together. It requires strong communication, special awareness, teamwork, agility, catching, throwing, and balance to name a few. I’m a huge advocate for movement for as much of the class period as possible while at times mixing two activities into one class. This past week has kept students on their toes and we’re heading into the final days on a very high and positive note!
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End of the Year Fun!

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Open Gym

Fridays from 4:30 - 6:00 pm

NO SCHOOL - Memorial Day

May 28, 2018

Field Day

June 4th

8th grade Awards

June 5th at 9 AM - Carolyn Hall

8th grade Graduation

June 5th - 6pm

All School Mass

June 6th at 10:00 AM

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June 6th

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