Anesthesia Lab (Beers Law)

Solve Aunt Eldas Death

What happened?

Aunt Elda had a surgery to get her appendix removed, but she didn't wake up. We had to find out if she had been given more then the normal amount, which is 40%. We also had to see if that was the cause of death.

What do you need?

Before You Start Know...

-All cuvettes should be wiped clean before placed inside of the colorimeter.

-Cuvettes should only be touched on the rippled sides near the top.

-There should bee no bubbles in any solution.

-Make sure you always face the clear sides of the cuvette to the front and back of the colorimeter.

-The cuvette should only be filled 3/4 th's of the way.

-Pour the solutions down the drain and rinse the cuvette thoroughly.

Now That You're ready

-Connect the colorimeter to your computer.

-Calibrate your colorimeter.

*Prepare a 0% cuvette, this means it has 0% solution.

-Collect the absorbance data.

*Press "Collect".

*Wipe the outside clean and place it in the colorimeter.

*Allow the absorbance to stabilize.

*Press "Keep".

*Press "Enter". (Your data pair should now be plotted on the graph.)

-Repeat these steps until all the samples have been tested and plotted.

-Once you are all done press "Stop".

Once You Have Collected All the Known Samples:

-Fill a cuvette with the unknown solution.

-Clean the sides of the cuvette, place it in the colorimeter, and close the lid.

-Notice the value in the Absorbance box,

*You do not need to press "Collect" because it should show you the absorbance level in the Absorbance box.

*Put its value in the Data and Clculations Table.

- And lastly pour all the solutions down the sink.

Finally Pressesing the Data

Press the "f(x)" button on the top of your screen.

Pick a good regression model and select "Try Fit" to see if it is correct.

Press "Ok" when you found the correct model.

After the Lab

We Found that Aunt Elda's death was probably not caused due to Anesthesia because she was given less than 40%. She could have possibly died if a doctor did something wrong or her body rejected the surgery.

In Order to Make a Percent Solution....

If you wanted to make a percent solution of something for example food coloring and water you would take the total amount of Liquid (T) and multiple it by the percent of food coloring you would want(p) and that would equal the amount of food coloring you would need to place into the container (f) then you would take the total amount of liquid you wanted (T) and subtract the amount of food coloring you need to make your percent (f) and you would get the amount of water(w) you need to make the solution.


T(p)=f (that would be the amount of food coloring needed)


T-f=w (that would be the amount of water needed)