¡Viva la clase de español!

Long Live Spanish! Welcome to the world of Spanish!

Welcome to the world of Spanish! I am your child's Spanish teacher, Señora Rebecca R. Weimar

I would like to welcome you to my class flyer for Spanish I and II for the spring of 2016. I am a 34 year veteran of the classroom, a 24-year veteran of Harlem High School and am planning on retiring this spring but that will not change any of the excitement and work we plan to do the rest of this academic year, I can assure you!

If your child experiences some challenges when working on his Spanish, here is a great website I suggest for further tutorial help: www.studyspanish.com It is great.

Also, if your child wants to keep his Spanish skills sharp over the summer, may I recommend a great APP for the Smartphone- Duolingo. It is a wonderful way to keep the skills fresh and ready to go once school starts again next fall. You may even want to try it. You could work on it with your kids. You can also learn lots of other languages. I have tried it to learn Portuguese and it is awesome!

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