WHY: To think carefully about our learning.

To think about our emotions - how these affect ourselves and others.

SIGNS OF SUCCESS: We can reflect on our learning and discuss what we have learned.

We can control our emotions and know what to do when we feel upset, excited, stressed or tired.


Welcome to week two of Term 4! What a busy week this has been - a bit of everything in this week - sport, cultural and arts, academic, scooter skills and lots of learning fun!

The junior classrooms have enjoyed the chance to learn new scooter skills this week. You will hear a lot of talk from the kids about 'sneaky driveways', which is being careful around driveways. A big thanks to the NPDC for offering this initiative to schools!

A big thanks to Mr George and a huge well done to the Ukelele club who played at the Ukelele and Marimba festival at the TSB Stadium last night. It was an awesome night and the Vogeltown kids were outstanding!

Today we had the annual Carrington Cup against Central School. This is a longstanding tradition that we have with Central as we share Carrington St. It is winter sports codes, with the school who wins the most games taking the Carrington Cup. This year, unfortunately, Central have taken out the Carrington Cup! Well done to our teams, who played fairly and with VS pride!

At the senior school we have made a change to our duty and lunchtime eating schedule. You will now find 2 teachers on duty - one out the front and one out the back. All our teachers are wearing high vis so kids can find them.

Lunchtime eating is now in the classrooms for the first 10 minutes. This is so we can monitor what the kids are eating, make sure they are eating and keeping the rubbish around the school to a minimum.



We would like to welcome these students and their families to Vogeltown - we know you will really enjoy our kura!

Welcome to - Olivia Palliser (Rm 3) and Dmitry Jumashev (Rm 1).


To assist the school with preparation for 2020, please inform the office of any students who may be starting or leaving that we may not already know about.

Please note, if you have a student who is transitioning to an intermediate or year 7 - 13 school in 2020 we advise you to check that the enrolment has been received and accepted by that school. This is especially important for schools that have an enrolment scheme in place. Thanks heaps!


All of our staff are involved in writing professional development currently - we are really enjoying it! This enjoyment has flowed over to the classrooms and the kids! Check out some of these awesome pieces of prose:

It is a beautiful time of day. The sun is setting and the moon is rising. The river is flowing calmly, with the orangey pink marshmallow looking clouds gliding above it. The gentle breeze is flowing like a calm river through the trees. The bright green grass was green like leaves in the middle of winter, with sparkly daisy flowers blooming everywhere. The birds were chirping a quiet lullaby.

Brianna McEldowney Room 7

A sloth is slow and a sloth lives in South America.
It has sharp claws like a knife. They can do a lot of damage.
It goes slow so the predator thinks it has died.

By Tai Ransfield

A Sloth
Shush. I found a sloth.
Be quiet.
He is eating leaves.
He moves very slowly.
Let’s wait for him to move.
Tick, tock.

By Jeronimo (Rm 5)

Today, we are learning about sloths. Sloths live in Central America and South America.
They live in trees. Three toed sloths only eat leaves and two-toed sloth eat bugs, fruit and lizards.
They are mammals. They only poo once a week and they are very, very, very slow.

Hunter Gray


Term 4 Summer Sports

Outstanding payments: Can any outstanding payments please be made to the office or online as soon as possible please. Our bank account number is 15-3955-0493446-00. Please use your child's surname in the particulars and sport played as reference.

Draws: All summer sports draws are now loaded on our website on the sports page. http://www.vogeltown.school.nz/sports/


TERM CALENDAR – Put all these dates in your diary or your phone!
Remember to check the school calendar on our website. We will put all updates on Facebook &

the website. Link to school calendar: http://www.vogeltown.school.nz/calendar/


28 October - School Closed - LABOUR DAY

29 October - Vision and Hearing testing at VS

29 October - BOT meeting 6.30pm

30 October - Yr 5 Road Patrol training 9am

31 October - Junior Cricket skills


1 November - Whole School Assembly (Rm 12)

6 November - Devon Intermediate staff to talk to Seniors - Yr 7's in 2020

7 November - Highlands Orientation (For Year 6's in 2020)

7 November - Senior Cricket skills

8 November - Golden Bat finals!

8 November - Four Year Old Friday

14 November - Huatoki Domain open day

19 November - Road Patrollers reward day (at the Aquatic centre)

22 November - Whole School Assembly 9am (Rm 8)

27 November - School Production night!


Kia Ora Vogeltown Whanau

Students will have brought home a calendar order form this this week with orders due in before 12 November. We are offering calendars, cards, mouse pads and notebooks again this year and samples can be viewed at the senior school office. Correct cash with orders can be dropped off to school office, no change can be given, alternatively you can pay direct to bank account as shown on order form. Please ensure your order form is complete with students name and items to be ordered please.

Call in the your child's class and check out their artwork!

Nga mihi

Vogeltown Home & School Whanau


1) As we get back in to routines, please remember to drive slowly and cautiously through the crossing outside the school. The crossing operates between 8:20am and 9:00am in the morning and from 3:00pm till 3:20pm in the afternoon.

Thanks whanau

Good luck to all our Vogeltowners playing summer sport this week and this weekend. Play hard, play fair, enjoy!

Enjoy the long weekend - remember school is CLOSED Monday for Labour Day.

On behalf of the Vogeltown team,

Ka kite ano

Jeremy Ogle - Principal


Highlands Swimming Club

Highlands Swimming Club Registration Day Term Four Wednesday 30th October 2019 4pm to 6pm.

For more details please email: highlands.swim.club@gmail.com



Highlands Swimming Club


Dear parents, MusiqHub is opening a waiting list for Guitar and Ukulele Music Lessons. To book lesson space please contact Peter Heard for on 027 431 3544 or email peter.heard@musiqhub.co.nz FYI Your child can try a lesson for free to give them an expereince of what music lessons would be like 😊

Many thanks,

Peter Heard


027 431 3544


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