Touchbase Tuesday Tips

November 17, 2015

Dear 1st Impressions Team,

We have 2 more weeks in this AMAZING month left to go! Really, BIG, BIG, HUGE things can happen for your business this month so now is the time to crank it UP, go for the gusto, and REACH YOUR BOLDEST GOALS!

Before we get to some fun and doable ideas...

Check out these Hot Toddies! #1 Ginger Pingree and # 3 Julie Lutz on our 1st Impressions Team are leading sales COMPANY-WIDE!!! And, Julie has a bunch of shows this week. OUTSTANDING!!!!!!! I feel like an emotional mama bursting with happiness for these two!!!

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I can't wait to see all the amazing recognition and celebrations that come from your efforts over the next two weeks ~ It's my favorite time of the year!


ENGRAVABLE OUTREACH for Touch Base Tuesday:

Engravables are always my best sellers at trunk shows but they are also my # 1 selling gift. It is thoughtful, personal and affordable! Let's all post about engravables on our Facebook personal page and reach out to customers and help them come up with the perfect gift for someone they love. Are they a realtor (# sold), a student away from home (‪#‎home‬ coordinates), a survivor, a newly wed, a sorority girl, a college sports fan, a new mom? There are a million ways to make a perfect gift.

I love the idea of reaching out to someone with a preview of what their engravable will look like with their initials.
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Have you hosted 2 shows for yourself this year? If not, this month is the time to do it! Perhaps host your own show later this week or for fun and ease for your friends/family on Black Friday.

  1. You can get fabulous commissions on the busiest sales day of the year
  2. PLUS earn FREE product credits that you can use when the new Spring Collection comes out mid-January.
  3. You can also reach your Style Fix to help you get even MORE FREE PRODUCT!


Here are some words to say:

"I'm looking for a few friends to wear my samples for free. I give/send you a tote of jewelry and you share it at work, with friends, at school, church, the get the idea! Share everywhere!! Simply invite others to check out the line. Your friends can shop for their loved ones and find perfect pieces for their holiday outfits, and you will receive free jewelry as a reward for sharing!"


This is a perfect way for a manager to reward employees. Have a happy, shopping hour either at lunch or at the end of a day so they can mix up their work week a bit, check off their gifts lists, and then have some freedom on the weekends instead of wandering the packed malls.

US THANKSGIVING WEEKEND IDEAS (can be edited for international uses):

Don't let your display sit in the corner and gather dust at this time of year. Make it work for you!

Friends and family across the globe are GATHERING this season - let your hostess know that if she starts with her own family and sprinkles in a few girlfriends and neighbors,'s a trunk show!

US Teammates: Let's use the Thanksgiving holiday weekend to book a trunk show!
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Turkey Trot

I'll include the image above and email a few of my friends something to the effect of:

"For my lovelies who either don't live near me, can't have a trunk show now for whatever reason, but LOVE the jewels and want to get some Stella & Dot goodies for FREE! Introducing my: STELLA & DOT TURKEY TROT:

Here's how it works:

Over the Thanksgiving Holiday, take one of my Turkey Trot packets to your family and friends' get-togethers.

  1. Collect a min. of $300 of orders with at least 4 individual orders (you can do this via my website or with paper order forms).
  2. Turn orders into me by Monday, November 30th at 9pm latest....or have everyone order through your specific trunk show link.
  3. By achieving these goals, you'd receive a minimum of $45 in FREE jewels and can choose up to 2 pieces at 1/2 off. That's at least 3 gifts checked off the list! All will be beautifully packaged so no need to wrap and ready to go.

** BONUS ONE: If you sell over $1000 worth of jewelry, you will receive $350 (or more depending on your sales---YES, I'd be offering them an extra $100 of freebies if they don't earn it themselves) of FREE jewelry and can choose up to 4 pieces at 1/2 off!

Let me know by tomorrow, Nov. 18th if you'd like to do it. The Turkey Trot Packet I will then send you includes:

- ONE piece of jewelry to wear and show off as part of your "promo" for your Trot (under $100 value; details on returning the piece of jewelry will be emailed to you)
- 4 look books, 12 order forms, 5 mini-look books, hostess planner

** BONUS TWO: The Trotter sells the most jewelry will be able to keep the piece of jewelry you choose to wear from me to "promote" the party!

What a great way to earn FREE jewels for yourself and as gifts! Would you like to Trot?!


Friday morning is the perfect time to have ladies over. Only crazy people go to the mall. Why not take advantage of all that leftover pumpkin pie and other sweets, throw on a pot of coffee and have some friends over to gab and gift? Plus we'll have some Black Friday specials that they can take advantage of and all the great Nov. TSEOs!! Here's the images (use the temporary TSEO images until HO issues the updated one) and WTS.

"Hi ______! You know what would be brilliant...a beat Black Friday trunk show at your house the morning of the 27th!! Your friends can escape their families and pop by to catch up and do their holiday gift shopping without hauling to the mall. S&D is going to have some awesome Black Friday sales and we can easily get you over $100 in FREE and 3 items at half off. Let's use up all that leftover pumpkin pie and other sweets from Thursday's dinner and throw on a pot of coffee for a casual pop up boutique in the kitchen! Super easy, fun and your friends will thank you! Are you game?"


You could set up a Virtual Facebook Trunk Show and even use to preset the posts throughout the day or min. to min. if you're doing a specific 30 min. online show.

Explain that those who order through that link will be entered into your Cyber Monday Raffle (with which you'll use the qualifying Style Rewards).

Click this link for Directions on how to do an online show:

No doubt our Home Office will also have a deal for Cyber Monday as well so plan on delegating a bit of time on Monday to share via your Social Media outlets.

More Words to say for STOCKING UP & adding incremental sales!:

"What are you getting for your teachers, babysitters, friends for gifts this season? I have your answer- these wishing bracelets are so chic, with fab packaging & the the perfect price- $19! My customers are stocking up to have them on hand- let me know if I can offer you free personal shopping this season!"

Perfect jpgs to share can be found in your lounge under Marketing>Product Collection Assets. Check your Country's Lounge.

Booking for December? Fun themes for your invites!

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Remember what your HOLIDAY WHY is, focus in on the high value activities, and implement! I know you can achieve it and I'm here to help!

Carrie McGraw
Senior Director & Founding Leader