Fittness components title

drew Thrutchley

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Cardiovascular endurance

this picture shows cardiovascular endurance because they are running
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muscular stength

this shows muscular strength because Agent Smith is lifting Neo off the ground with one hand
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muscular endurance

this shows muscular endurance because in the movie he lifts the log for hours on end
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this shows flexibilitiy because neo has to bend back very far to doge the bullets
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body composition

this shows body composition because gollum has no body fat compared to his like 5 pounds of pure bones
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this shows speed because taylor lautner running from something
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the ability to change body direction very fast
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the ability to maintain an upright posture while moving or staying still
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integration with hand or foot movements with the input of senses
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reaction time

time it takes to move and realize you need to


the ability to do strength work at an explosive pace