January 19-22

Parents and Families,

This week's anticipated agenda and activities:

English-Language Arts
Fables, Folktales, and Myths
  • What are the elements of a folktale?
  • How are fables, folktales, and myths similar and different?
Read-Aloud: "Knots on a Counting Rope"
  • Sequence of Events
  • What is the underlying meaning within this story?
  • How to cite text evidence in long-response questions

Spelling Test Friday


Grade 3

  • Inverse Operations
  • How are multiplication and division related?
  • Dividing by 1 and 0
  • Mid-Chapter Quiz on Wednesday

Grade 4

  • How to find common factors and the least common factors
  • Relationship between factors and multiples
  • Mid-Chapter Quiz on Wednesday



  • STEM Fair
  • Creating our hypothesis (If... then....)
  • Developing a step-by-step procedure
  • How to collect data
  • Space Introduction

District Quarter 2 Quarterly Checks

  • Humanities/Reading on Tuesday, 1-19-2016
  • Math on Wednesday, 1-20-2016