World War 2 Project Proposal

By: Ashlyn Keltner

Driving Questions

  1. What was it like in the War?
  2. What happened over in the U.S and other countries?
  3. What did it do to people psychologically and emotionally?

Project Summary

I want to learn more about World War 2. For this two week project I want to learn about the events that lead up to the war. I want to know what the War was like for the people that were in it. I want learn about the events after the war, such as how people regrouped to put things back in order. I want to know what it was like for U.S and the other countries that were effected. I also want to know how it effected people psychologically and emotionally. So I'll be interviewing three people that experienced the War. I'll also being doing a lot of research, either online or by reading books. The reason why I want to learn about the World War 2 is because I like learning about conflicts that have made it into history. More importantly I like knowing why they happened and how.

District Vision Points

Communication and collaborating will be the two big ones in my project. To get a deeper insight of World War 2, I'll be interviewing three people from my work that have been in World War 2 or lived through it. For my project to be great, I will be collaborating with my supervisor on what more I could do to further it. I also might create a trifold board with all the facts of World War 2 on it.

Project Purpose

The reason why I chose my project to be about World War 2 is because I like learning about Wars. I like learning why they happened and how they started. I also like learning how it effected people inside and outside of the War. Either psychologically or emotionally and everything in between. In a way Wars fascinate me.

How Will This Project Challenge You As A Learner And A Thinker?

I think this project will challenge be as a learner and a thinker because I will be doing a lot of research. I will probably have to read a lot of books about World War 2 and I will have to be interviewing people. This project is going to make me go out of my comfort zone.


I will be communicate my learning by creating a trifold board of all the information I gather and the interviews. I thought instead of doing something online, I could do something that is more hands on.

Resources Needed

Things that are probably going to be provided by the school are the books that I need to read to gather my information. Plus the school has on-site teachers that could very well help me. I will provide the trifold board and any paper that I need. The costs aren't going to be that much, at the most maybe $10. I will use all the resources that I have to create my project and make the project as best as I can.

Calendar Planning For Project

Tuesday the 5th:

  • Look for some books to read about World War 2 and take notes

Wednesday the 6th:

  • Take more notes

Thursday the 7th:

  • Talk to my supervisor about everything

Friday the 8th:

  • Get my trifold board and start getting it together

Monday the 11th:

  • Interview my three people

Tuesday the 12th:

  • Organize the interviews and put them on the board

Wednesday the 13th:

  • Take more notes

Thursday the 14th:

  • Research some more

Friday the 15th:

  • Put everything together and talk to my supervisor