Team Talk

The Road To Distinctions Week Of April 4, 2016

Teachers Are The Key

Team Mustang;

Thank you for a great week of testing. It is now time to start preparing for the second phase with a laser like focus. Lessons learned from the ELAR exam, please ensure that all scholars who are re-testers in Biology, Algebra I, and U.S. History know that they are to re-test. Many of our ELAR re-testers claimed that they did not know which is not correct. We want to create zero excuses going forward.

Remember the three values that drives our mission: a sense of urgency, commitment, and development of the craft. We expect success! Success will only happen with excellent Good First Instruction coupled with tight alignment, and student engagement during the learning process. Teachers are the key factor in determining the quality of a school. Being a teacher is Priceless! Thank you for your commitment to excellence!

Teacher Differentiated P.D.

The district is moving to differentiated PD. Teachers are expected to complete 14 hours of PD during designated windows in the summer. The process will allow teachers to have autonomy and choice based on this year's summative evaluation rating. Teachers will fall into one of the following three categories:

3.5 Required and 10.5 Choice

7 hours Required and 7 Choice

10.5 Required and 3.5 hours Choice

What does my summative performance evaluation score mean?

A performance label (e.g., progressing, proficient, etc.) is not attached to your summative performance evaluation score. As a point of reference:

  • A teacher who scored ‘progressing’ on each indicator has a summative score of 34 points

  • A teacher who scored ‘proficient’ on each indicator has a summative score of 67 points

  • A teacher who scored ‘exemplary’ on each indicator has a summative score of 100 points

    How do these scores translate into my teacher performance wedge for my overall TEI evaluation score?

    1. For teachers in Category A, the teacher performance wedge is 50% of the overall TEI evaluation score. The summative performance evaluation score is multiplied by 50% to determine the points received for this wedge. For example, if a teacher received a 66 on the summative performance evaluation, the TEI performance score would equal 33 points (66 * 0.5 = 33). For additional information on determining your teacher category, visit the TEI web page.

Teachers who complete the requisite 14 hours of PD will be off August 10 th and 11th. The P.D. sessions will come with compensation. Those who fail to complete the hours in the summer are required to attend PD at a district designated location on August 10th and 11th. Individuals who fail to attend training on the 10th and 11th will be docked.

The PD catalogue will be available for review via Schoolnet in April. Registration will open in May. The administrative team will meet with you in May to document the sessions you plan to attend this summer.