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February 17, 2022

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Binkley Families,

February is Black History Month, and to recognize this each day in our morning announcements we are featuring a black individual who made significant impact on our society. We have learned about Bessie Coleman, Langston Hughes, and Ruby Bridges, to name a few. Students were wonderful with their Friday celebration on Valentine's Day, showing appropriate love and kindness to their peers and teachers. I hope that the three day weekends have given your family time to connect and play in this beautiful February weather.


We continue to focus for the month on showing belonging with kindness. Above is a picture of our Kindness Tree where students wrote or drew the way they show or receive kindness. We are on the lookout for Bobcat of the Month who shows kindness to themself and others to honor at the end of this month.


It has always been a norm of school to not bring outside toys and other items to play with from home. When we returned from distance learning we understood that students needed a comfort item from home to transition back after such a challenging year. However, at this time they are becoming distracting to class time or items to disagree about on the yard during play time. Please, empty your child's backpack of anything that it toy or toy like. Please communicate if an item is considered a fidget. If your child has a toy, we will ask them to put it away and not bring it back to school. If this direction is not followed, adults may take the item, and we will contact you to come pick it up at the office. Thank you for your support with this.


The priority is for your child to not miss school, however it is often unavoidable when wanting to spend time with family or take other trips for various reasons. When this occurs, your child is marked unexcused absence, which can trigger a truant notification. With advance planning this can be avoided, ASK FOR AN INDEPENDENT STUDY and your child will receive credit for school. This can be for one day up to 21 days.

How does this work?

1. Give two weeks notice.

2. Notify the office by asking for an independent study packet; tell us the dates your child will be gone

3. Mrs. Anderson will do the rest: notify the teacher, ask you to come sign the paperwork, and then it will go home with your child (or picked up by you) before departing for the absent days.



Harmony Harvell, Principal


707-539-6060, press 1. LEAVE A MESSAGE

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