Vaccinations Yes or No?

Luka Ivkovic

What's This Flyers About?

This flyer is about vaccinations. Some people think that vaccinations are necessary for everyone and there should be a 100% vaccination rate in the U.S. Others don't think vaccinations are necessary for belief, religion, and/or ethical reasons.

For Vaccinations

There are multiple reasons why you should get vaccinated. The first is that is protects you from diseases like chicken pox, measles, whooping cough, and more. Another reason is that in some states it is a law to get vaccinated. A third statement would be vaccines are the only pharmaceutical products that enjoy government endorsement. What that means is that vaccines enjoy being advertised and getting money from the government. In the article

Let Parents Make Informed Choices by: MaryJo Perry I heard vaccines even got 3 billing dollars to make vaccines from the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. Those are reasons why you should get vaccinated if you haven't.

Against Vaccinations

If you are reading this and are like some people in the U.S. you chose not to get vaccinated. There are a couple reasons why you could have mad that decision. One reason would be that it would be against your religion or unethical to you. Or it could be that you are afraid your young child will get a deformity or autism. In the article Vaccine Opponents Hold Firm by: Emily Foxhall it was scientifically proven that baby's don't get deformities or autism from a large number of vaccination shots. Those might be some reasons why you don't want vaccinations for yourself or your kids.