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March 2021

It is a SPRING TIME and NAKHE is warm and active!

NAKHE is up and moving to better our academia in Higher Education and the society around us. In January, the NAKHE 2021 Conference team successfully hosted the virtual conference. Five exceptional lectures as well as other individual presentations and discussions were actively occured throughout the conference.

International Kinesiology Hub, a new initiative with NAKHE, is proposed by the former NAKHE president Dr. Betty Block and her team to strength the internationalization of an academic society.

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NAKHE Publications: Quest & IJKHE

NAKHE partners with Taylor & Francis Group to publish professional journals addressing kinesiology issues, research, and best practices in higher education leadership, administration, and teaching. NAKHE also regularly publishes newsletters to keep its members up-to-date on association news, activities, and events.
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NAKHE International Kinesiology Hub

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NAKHE is taking on a new initiative, International Kinesiology Hub, to foster the Internationalization of the academic society. The vision is “establishing Kinesiology scholar-leaders as major contributors to the global knowledge-based economy addressing societies’ grand challenges.” The mission is “The International Kinesiology Hub (IKH) is a NAKHE sponsored global initiative that promotes scholarship, talent, and knowledge-innovation models for the purpose of engaging highly skilled and talented scholar-leaders across international borders to address matters relevant to identified global grand challenges.

The IKH serves not only as a global initiative, but a philanthropic arm of NAKHE that aims to craft and deliver creative solutions for the long-term well-being of communities impacted by the discipline of kinesiology.” More details will be shared in up-coming newsletters!

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The purpose of NAKHE Newsletter is to send the updated information with NAKHE to diverse population. Much of information is overlapped with the information on our social media sites. If you have any questions and comments, feel free to reach out to NAKHE at