Andrew Daugherty

my personality


orderly and organized


needs to finish what he starts

talented and creative

animal and description

wild dog, wild dogs are to be energetic and don't like to be by themselves they would rather be in groups and work as a team. they are reliable in a crisis and can be generous. also they like living on the edge and have an athletic body structure.They take pride in their appearance. wild dogs love to travel so they have a better under standing of the world.they don't possess the leadership and entrepreneurial talents of their canine cousins. (like the wolf) Instead, by concentrating on relationship building and teamwork, wild dogs achieve the kind of job satisfaction that no salary can replace.

careers and hobbies

  • police work
  • military
  • running
  • journalist
  • engineering
  • academic
  • writing

influences in the class

If im going to make any influences on the class it would mainly be to get work done on time. I don't like to get off task on things so if you are in my group we will most likely do well on whatever assignment is due. but im not just all about work, i like to have some kind of fun in my group. but overall i think it will be a good year!