In class we are currently reading a book about a big civil war in the history of Asia.The Khmer Rouge had taken over and made the Cambodian people work in the big paddys(rice fields).The leader of the Khmer Rouge Polpot was a very nasty man and he wanted to rule the country and he wanted everyone to be just like him so he sent out his soldiers to go out and find all the people that did not have blond hair and blue eyes and kill them they will also kill people that are not his race.


Cambodia is a small country.It has three countries bordering it named Laos,Thailand and Vietnam.The country is in the Northen hemisphere


The capital city is phenom phen


The climate of Cambodia is a tropical climate.the dry season is from December to April


The population is 14 876 290 as of now in Cambodia

Cambodian religion

Thearavada Buddhism is the main religion in cambodia


The health in cambodia is getting better every year.the deadly diseases are ezing up and for man the average age to live up to now is 60 and for women it's 65.the education over there is not as good as here and over there most kides finish school when they are 11 and most Girls do not even go to school and I think everyone deserves a good education