who i am

Isaac Winters

Who I Am

The words that describe me most are platitudinous, procrastinator, doltish, inquisitive, inarticulate, audacious, unprejudiced, perspicacious, indefatigable, benighted.

The biggest influences on me are my lord and savior Jesus Christ , the books that I read, and my family heritage. They influence the way I live and think about the world around me.

My favorite book is the Variant, by: Robinson Wells. I like this book because it really makes you think. Its full of plot twist that make you never know whats going to happen next and you simply can't set the book the down. My all time favorite movie is the whole Star Wars trilogy for many reasons. The first reason is because through out all of the movies the theme stays the same, its still about the never ending fight against the dark side. An other reason is how you get to see the characters develop. When you first see Luke Skywalker he's a young cowardly boy, but through the next movies you see him become braver and more like the hero he was meant to be.

The quote that I believe best fits me is: Happiness lie in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort. -Franklin Roosevelt

The reason this quote fits me is because whenever I achieve something and it is done right it gives me joy and whenever I think of something innovative I feel a surge of happiness because I get excited by the thought of something that's possibly helpful.

The places I've been that have impacted me the most are New Orleans, The Buffalo River in Arkansas, and the Alamo in San Antonio. New Orleans Impacted me because I liked how after hurricane Katrina the city came together to help out each other out. An other reason I like is because in my opinion they have some of the best food in the world. I like the Buffalo River because its home to some of my family traditions. My family goes up there every summer to camp out and canoe the river not only that by my aunt and uncle live in the area. To me Arkansas is the best state in America next to Texas that is. The Alamo really impacted me because to me the Alamo symbolizes Texas. It shows persistence, strength, courage, and bravery and I aspire to be those things.

My biggest hobbies are: Reading, playing video games, and hunting.

The reason that I chose reading is because whenever I read I begin to think and try to predict what will happen to the characters and see where the plot goes in the books. They also make me think and wonder why the people are doing the things they do. The hobby playing video games is on there for multiple reasons. Reason one is because they are fun and I grew up with them through most of my life, I feel relaxed whenever I play video games. I chose hunting because whenever I hunt it feels tranquil, peaceful, and serene out in woods. A plus to going hunting to me is If I get an animal that would mean that I had just gotten some food and I love fresh meat.Its is also one of the few times that I am ever able to go out into an area surrounded by nature.

A lyric that describes me is JUST EAT IT. I choose that lyric because I absolutely love to eat almost anything. That lyric comes from the Just Eat It by "Weird" Al Yankovic

Well that just about sums me up.

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I choose this picture of Luigi because were almost exactly alike. Were both taller then our brothers and considered the underdogs. Luigi is my all time favorite video game charcter because easy to relate to.
Eat It - Weird Al Yankovic (with lyrics)