Character in "A Midummer Night's Dream"

People can't control fate

Robin exemplifies the statement that "people can't control fate". In the beginning of Act III,

Chaos and Confusion are necessary parts of life

According to Robin, "chaos and confusion are necessary parts of life". In Act III, Robin finds out that Titania (her mistress) is in love with a monster. Later on him and others that are in the play were scared due to gunshots being heard outside. "Rising and cawing at the gun's report, Sewer themselves and madly at the gun's report" (III.i.30). This quote shows that he had chaotic things involving his mistress and the gunshot hearings. Furthermore, Robin wants to resolve all of these problems.

People's Actions can influence others people's lives

With Robin, "People's actions can influence other people's lives". In Act III, Oberon screamed at Robin saying that Robin was the one who put the love juice on someone else that was truly in love. "Then fate o'errules that, one man holding troth, A million fail, confounding oath on oath" (III.i.32). This quote proves that Robin thinks that it influenced other people's lives. Furthermore, he thinks that for every man who's faithful to his true love, a million end up running after a different lover.

Character Connection

I can connect to this character easily. Puck is this mischievous, quick-witted sprite sets many of the play’s events in motion with his magic, by means of both deliberate pranks on the human characters and unfortunate mistakes. I like delivering pranks and being funny to others. He has this fun loving humor that I can connect to as to myself. He is a great character in this story and that's why I chose puck.