UTC Oxfordshire

Week 1

Dear all,

We're midweek in what has been a tremendously exciting few days. It was a privilege to welcome the class of 2015 into the UTC on Monday and it's great to see smiles starting to occur as everyone becomes more comfortable with their new surroundings.

The themes of the week have been "Pride and Patience" and it was clear to see the pride in the way that all the students have conducted themselves, looking ready for the world of work and really impressing our many visitors from the media and industry. Patience has been needed also as there are the inevitable teething issues; all the systems are starting to gear up with laptops having been issued today. It will take time but I can assure you it will get better and better as our ICT systems and other improvements start to happen, then there is phase 2 to look forward to.

Today we welcomed our partners from the Bloodhound SSC project with a more hands on and practical day.

Please look out for letters concerning our forthcoming study visits to Oxford, we've adopted a common sense approach for students who live closer to Oxford and please let us know if it would be more appropriate to come directly to Oxford, it should make life a little easier for everyone.

All the staff look forward to meeting you on Friday for our informal gathering and buffet and I know our students will be proudly showing off the learning environment. If you are the parent of a 6th form student who is not in attendance, please do introduce yourselves and we will find a member of staff to give you a guided tour.

Thanks again for all your support and encouragement, we've received such positive feedback.

If you are unable to visit on Friday a reminder that we have an information evening for Parents on the 15th from 7pm - 8pm

Best regards,

Owain Johns

Principal, UTC Oxfordshire