iPhone SE

Apples History

Apple was created by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. Apple first started by making computers only, but now there are so many Apple products are made. Just think of IPhones, IPads, Apple Watch, IPod, and even Apple TV. Apple has progressed a lot and is still progressing.

iPhone SE features

The iPhone SE is a 4inch phone with the feature of an iPhone 6s. Also the iPhone SE has a better camera than the iPhone 6s.

only $399 unlike $700 iPhone 6s

good and bad

the iPhone SE has good and bad things. Bad is that its sort of downgrading by being smaller, good is that some people think the new phones are too big, but also they want new features, so this would work for them.


For the most part, I liked more but a negative would be that it didn't always save, even if it hit save, and the layout was confusing to me. Positive would be that I liked hoe its easy to add stuff like pictures to your flyer, also I like how theres no slides, so its just one page.