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Inflammation of the subcutaneous tissue

Is there a remedy for this problem and how to counter the "orange peel"? Before you start to work on yourself, you must resolve. Would not retreat from their intentions. Bring your figure in the wonderful views and become a sculptor of his body and everyone can, but not all achieve the desired result. First of all prepare yourself psychologically! Ready? And now let's get acquainted closer with our enemy!

Cellulite - in some way is an inflammation of the subcutaneous tissue, in which there are violations of lymphatic drainage and microcirculation. Under the cover layer fabric is terrific collagen fibers (responsible for skin elasticity) and body fat. Between the fat layer is interstitial fluid, which are delivered by the necessary material and also found the waste products (slag).

In case of violation of metabolic processes are accumulated toxins that cause irritation and inflammation of the surrounding tissue. The body tries to protect healthy cells and packs the focus of inflammation in collagen "cocoon" - it will serve as the primary unit of cellulite. So it's not just fat, there also contains interstitial fluid with a strong content of the slag.

Causes of are completely different:

· Poor blood circulation. Thus there is a lack of oxygen fibers.

· Violation of the water balance of the body.

· Disruption of the female hormonal system
Not a balanced diet and low physical activity

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