Come to Utopia for a freer life!

A mixed economy, the best option

We want everyone to feel equal to accommodate this we produce partly by consumer preferences and partly by government wants. We also decide how will it be produced partially by government and partially by consumers. We really want everyone to have a voice so consumers only decided for whom it will be produced.

Why its great to be equal partners.

In this mixed economy we listen to what you have to say, and what you want, while still governing and policing. We don't want to okay anything that our people wouldn't believe in or want.

If the economy isn't enough to make you come, just look at the scenery.

Guaranteed to make you feel at home and at ease.

A little more about Utopia and why it's great for you.

Here in utopia, our two main items we distribute are Coconuts and Pineapple, which offers everyone who comes here a chance to farm and make a living off the land. We are also a high action tourist attraction in the summer which opens up even more job opportunities at our surf shops and beaches.