New York City

You know you want to come!

What are you waiting for? Come on!

Come to New York City! We have beautiful scenery, including a beautiful lake, the Empire State Building, and the world famous Statue of Liberty. Our lake is clean and safe for swimming and fishing. We have the original Dylan's Candy Bar, (the best candy store in the world) and the the five star Iroquis Hotel for people who are just visiting. So what are you waiting for? Ditch your old home and come live in beautiful New York City!

Roads and more!

If you look in the left hand corner of this picture, you can see our fabulous roads. For parallel roads, we have Broadway and Perry, and Broadway and 5th avenue. Times Square and Bliss road connect to form an obtuse angle if you look carefully. Also, Bliss, Broadway, and 5th avenue all form right angles and are perpendicular. However Perry and Bliss intersect to become an acute angle. We have rectangular signs with two wonderful lines of symmetry to keep you from getting lost.


As pictured above, we have an amazing apartment building. This triangular pyramid is a fun new building just for apartments.Newly built and awesome we have enough room for lots of people.

Come on down!

I hope you see now why New York is awesome! I'd love to see you soon.