The Taiga Biome

By: Joseph Cooper

Vital Information and Climate about the Taiga Biome

The Taiga biome is located mostly in Russia, but also in the Northern part of America. It is the largest biome in the world and only has 50-100 days of no frost. In the Taiga biome, Things can be as hot as 70 degrees Farenheit, but it can also go down to be at least 20 degrees during the summer, but during the winter, the degrees can range from -54 to -1 farenheit. The rainfall amounts in the Taiga biome can range from 30-85 centimeters which consists of snow and rain.

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Taiga Food Chain

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Competition/Cooperation between organisms in Taiga

Red foxes and wolves fight for food and limited resources in the Taiga because there is only so much resources. Redwood and moss on the other hand get along very well. The Redwood tree gives the moss a place to live while the moss protects the tree. This is an example of mutualism.

Environment Issues

Natural wildfires burn down the forest everyday. Since trees would burn, more plants would regrow and allow new species to adapt because evergreen trees were the only tree. Humans are also a big threat to Taiga because they want to harvest its resources which interferes with the wild life.

Endangered Species

Interesting facts!

  • The Taiga Biome has no seasons
  • Many plants and animals don't live in the Taiga Biome due to its harsh climates
  • Insects and Birds move to the Taiga during mating season