JCPRD @ Horizon Summer Camp

Thanks for another great summer!!

We have had such a blast! Thank you for raising such awesome kids and sharing them with us for the summer. They get compliments wherever we go. We've played and learned, made lots of great friends, and created some pretty wonderful memories!

See you next summer! (Or in a week and a half :)

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Award Winners

Super Sweet Camper: Arianna Wilson

Funny Gal: Lydia Kellogg

Heart of Gold: Mia Bollella

Bucket Filler: Reed Sorenson

Forever Friend: Ella Diehl

Happy Camper: Crosby Smith

Tidy Camper: Jack Walawender

Funny Guy: Blue Zambo

Active Camper: Sydney Cinotto

Creative Camper: Aubrey Williams

Camp Spirit: Cole Stone

Helpful Hand: Emma Stanton

Camper of the Week (A): Jack Kellogg

Camper of the Week (B): Evie Nydegger

Jr. Staff of the Week: Cooper Cosgrove

Counselors of the Week: Mr. Sebastian & Mr. Logan

Look at all the fun we've had this week!

Arcade DAy!

Science City

Valley Park and Coterie Theatre

JCPRD Hall of Fame

Campers who clip up to pink each week earn a spot in the JCPRD Hall of Fame!

Great job, campers!

Weekly Schedule

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What to Bring to Camp

* comfortable play clothes

* tennis shoes or other closed toe shoes (NO flip flops!)

* a backpack or other bag to put belongings inside

* water bottle

* a healthy lunch from home

* a spare set of clothes (for when things get messy)

* sunglasses and/or hat for outside time

* swimsuit and towel on pool days

JCPRD Heat Policy

When the heat index gets extreme, pool days and field trips may be shortened or cancelled to protect campers and staff.

Bring Your ID

Please have your ID ready to show when picking up your camper. We know we will have returning students and parents, but when we have subs and new staff, they will ask for your ID. This is for your child's protection, thank you for your support on this.

Signing In an Out of Camp

As always, it is very important to sign your child in each morning and out each afternoon.Your initials should be added next to the time that you wrote. If you forget to sign your child out at the end of the day, we will be calling you to verify that you have them, even if we saw you pick them up.

Pick Up Changes

Please call the site number at 913.422.1571 or send Robin an email at if someone else is picking up your camper, so that our staff are informed.

If we do not get an notification via email or phone call, stating that someone other than a parent is picking up your child, we will call to verify this before they will be allowed to take your child.

If someone else will be picking up your child on a regular and predictable basis (for example every Wednesday), please let us know. We can make an accommodation for that so that you don't need to contact us each time.

General Information

Program Director: Robin Marchin

Director Email:

Camp Phone: (913) 422-1571

Camp A Cell Phone: (913) 991-8110

Camp B Cell Phone: (913) 909-1665


Parent Handbook:


JCPRD is looking for quality teachers!

Get a $25 refund on your after school fees when you refer a qualified staff to work for us and we hire them.