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Favorite Color!

It has long been asked about what the favorite color of a person is; whether for small talk or for a more specific reason. Well, after posting a poll on social media, below are the following results.
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The graph above uses data collected from a voluntary response sample of 34 people who filled out the form located on FaceBook. Since the results were categorical in nature, I graphed them into a bar graph using a software program called Fathom II. On the Y axis, there is the frequency (or how many) of people that chose that specific color. On the X axis shows the colors that were chosen in alphabetical order.

As you can clearly see, there is a statistical tendency for people to choose the color blue. Why could that be? Maybe there is a confounding variables such as gender that is altering the results of the survey.

Favorite Color Separated by Gender

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Now the graph above has been separated by gender, showing that there was approximately an equal amount of males and females surveyed. You can still see that regardless of gender, the favorite color still tends to be blue.

Other conclusions can be drawn from this study as well, but we will let you figure them out on your own!