Concordia Forensics

February 2016

Van Ride Picnic

I think one of the firsts I’ve ever experienced on the team was after the UNI and Wartburg tournament. We were trying to get home as soon as possible to avoid the typical arrival time of 3 or 4 A.M. While brainstorming ways to make this happen while still changing out of suits and enjoying dinner after a long day, Kendra suggested we take our leftover lunch supplies and have a picnic dinner in the van as we drove home! All of us instantly loved it; not only would we be saving ourselves at least an hour’s worth of driving, it would also be extremely sustainable to use as much of the sandwich lunch supplies as possible!

Our van-picnic was relaxed and fun, and allowed us to get home early; it was the perfect combination with wonderful people! -Erica Floding '17

Team Member of the week

Name: Lacy Tooker-Kirkevold

Year: Sophomore

Majors: Political Science and Environmental Studies (Policy Concentration)

Minor: German

Events: ADS, Impromptu, Extemporaneous Speaking, and Parliamentary Debate

Favorite Speech Memory: One of my favorite memories was during our summer work week when we all dared our coach, Adam, to drink an entire jar of pickle juice in exchange for having a productive work week! It worked; we had tons of events complete and ready to compete by the end of the week, and all it took was a jar of pickle juice!

If you could host the National Tournament anywhere in the world, where would you host it?
Berlin, Germany!

Favorite Event: Extemporaneous speaking; it allows me to keep updated on world events and analyze them, which is great practice for my political science major!
Concordia College Forensics Holiday Party 2015