What's the difference?


Ready to make your business official next year?

  • Confused on what's the right entity for your business?
  • Not sure of when is the right time to register?
  • How do you get it all done?

Get all of your questions answered January 10, 2013. Click Here for Interview Details- January 10th at 7pm ET

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Year of Abundance Interview: January 10th, 2012

I am excited to interviewing Jo-Na Williams of J.A Williams Law P.C. Jo-Na is brilliant with getting entrepreneurs out of their own way and on the right path legally when starting their businesses.

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Join me to discover:

What's the difference? How to Choose the Right Business Entity for your Company.

You're ready to take your passion seriously and to the next level of entrepreneurship, then you won't want to miss this call. I am interview Jo-Na Williams of J.A Williams Law P.C., who is on a mission to guide business owners in the right direction when starting their business.

Most entrepreneurs know they have to set up a business entity to keep their business and financial matters in order. However many entrepreneurs STRUGGLE to figure out which entity is right for their business and what is the difference.

This call will teach you the basics of each business entity and how you can determine which is right for you BEFORE the IRS start knocking at your door.

We will also share information on the key documents that will keep you out of legal hot water!

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Year of Abundance Speaker:

Jo-Ná A. Williams, Founder/Attorney, J.A. Williams Law P.C

A business lawyer on a mission. Protecting and educating artists and creative entrepreneurs is her passion and her life’s purpose and the more she worked with them she realized that many of them did not understand the legal aspects of keeping their business and careers legal protected. As a result, she founded J.A. Williams Law P.C. (The Artist Empowerment Firm) in 2011 to provide artists and entrepreneurs with the legal foundation for long-term success in their careers and businesses. She has appeared in ReverbNation, CD Baby, Sonic Eclectic and Women in Music. She is dedicated to issues regarding the rights of artists and entrepreneurs because she believes they are a population highly vulnerable to exploitation without proper knowledge. She is licensed to practice law in New York.

Be sure to get a FREE copy of her guide “Blueprint: The Insider’s Guide to Empowering Your Career as an Artist and Ditching your 9-5 for Good” and weekly legal tips Sign up here: http://eepurl.com/iOqe1

Your Interview Host

Sonaya Williams, Founder/Business Consultant, Time 2 Profit

Sonaya is a Business Consultant on a mission to equip service professionals with technology to make their business day easier, operational processes that deliver a memorable customer experience, and support so they can build an empire and create a legacy. She streamlines the way you do business with simply and easy tools.

Many of her clients have been solo-prenuers and franchise owners that are ready up their game and have a bigger impact on the world, without sacrificing their time. Sonaya's clients value both their work and life outside of their business with family and friends. They are committed and ready to learn new ways to improve their business.

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