An anomaly of an element

Physical Properties

Technetium is very radioactive, which is strange considering that it is in the middle of the most stable metals on the Periodic Table

  • Family #7
  • Period #5
  • Chemical symbol Tc
  • Atomic Number 43
  • Atomic Mass 98
  • Protons 43
  • Neutrons 55
  • Electrons 47
  • Valence Electrons 1
  • Melts at 2200 C or 2473.15 K
  • Boils at 4877 C or 5150 K
  • Density at 11.5 g/cm cubed at 20 C
  • Mostly not naturally occurring, though some argue that trace amounts appear in the crust
  • Humans use it to generate x-ray radiation for medical purposes

If you ever get an x-ray photograph, then you have been exposed to technetium. Technetium is the element that they use to make the x-ray radiation due to technetium being radioactive, but relatively controllable.

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