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Welcome to AP!

Are you ready to:

  • Challenge Yourself?
  • Earn College Credit?
  • Broaden Your College and Career Choices?

Then there is an AP course that is perfect for YOU!

Challenge Yourself...The AP Experience

AP courses are more engaging. In the classroom you tackle challenging topics head on and go deeper into subjects that interest you. You also get the chance to discuss and debate your opinions with your AP teacher and classmates. Through them, you learn more and get more out of AP.

Earn College Credit...The Rewards

  • Let colleges know that you’re serious about your education. Having AP on your transcript shows you’re prepared to challenge yourself with rigorous course work.
  • Earn college credit and potentially skip introductory courses if you do well on the AP Exam. This can save tuition costs and help you graduate on time.
  • Learn what’s expected of you in college and develop the skills to get the most out of your college experience.

Broaden Your College and Career Choices...AP and Your Future

  • For colleges, AP is a sign you can really apply yourself to higher-level studies.
  • An AP course taken in high school could help you pick your major.
  • AP courses can help you turn the subjects that interest you into a fulfilling career.

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Links for Parents:

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Alisa Salvans

AP Coordinator RHS