Come to one of the best countries in eastern Europe!

Why Belarus is unique

One thing that makes this country unique is that it has the largest bison population in the world.

Why should you Visit Belarus?

Belarus is a enjoyable country in eastern Europe. The people of Belarus, probably along with you, enjoy visiting cinemas and museums. Weekend picnics are also popular. Young Belarusians enjoy dance clubs. Many other thing are done for recreation in this great country.

Info About Me:

My name is Dylan Budzinsky. I am a world traveler and travel agent. My favorite places to visit are North Korea and Belarus. You don't need to know anymore about me.

Tourist Attractions

Cathedral of Saint Virgin Mary- This cathedral in Minsk is Roman Catholic. It was built in 1710. This is a very historical landmark in Belarus.

Brest Fortress- The Brest Fortress, formerly known as Brest- Litovsk Fortress, is a fortress in Belarus. It was built by the Russians when they still ruled the Belarus area. It was built in the 1800s.


700 A.D. -People in the Belarusian area began using iron tools and farming.

1918- Belarus declares itself a republic but is then taken over by the USSR.

1941-1944-Belarus is ruled by Nazi Germany

1986- Nuclear accident in Chernobyl, Ukraine affects Belarusians, who in return become more rebellious

1990- Belarus declares itself independent

1994- Belarus elects first president (Alexander Lukashenko)

Famous People

Tadeusz Kosciuszko- A hero in the USA, Belarus,Lithuania, and Poland. Fought in the American Revolution and for Poland.

Ignat Domejko- A well known geologist born in 1802.

Haim Weizman- a chemisist zionist who became the first president of Israel.

Major Cities

Minsk-Capital, pop. 1.7 million

Gomel-pop. 481,000

Mogilev-pop. 369,000




Belarusian Cuisine-like potato pancakes

Machanka- a soup made of meat, fish, vegetables, etc

Samogon is a belarusian alcoholic drink somewhat close to vodka


Jan. 7th- Orthodox Christmas is Christmas for Eastern Orthodox Christians, so its very important

May 9th- Victory Day is the day that Belarus celebrates the defeat of Germany in World War 2. A little like Veterans Day.

July 3rd- Independence Day in Belarus is strangely one day ahead of ours, and this important holiday marks the day Belarus won its freedom


Official Language is Belarusian


priyemna paznayomіtztza-nice to meet you


ya nye razoomyeyo- I don't understand

ya nye vyedayo- I dont know